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At Arrive in Style we know how stressful your wedding day can be. This is why we take all necessary steps to ensure the time you have in our vehicles(s) is stress free giving you the opportunity to focus on the day ahead. So sit back and enjoy the ride as you arrive in style.

happiest day of your life

Whether you need exclusive, memorable transport for a wedding or another special event, the car you choose will be yours for as long as you need it, complete with a driver, and a few extras that will ensure your journey is as enjoyable as possible. 

Our classic cars are rare and we only have one of each individual model. Therefore, if you wish to book a specific car from our range, please ensure that you make your booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

About us

For as long as they can remember, both Peter and Helen have loved classic cars and have restored quite a few in the past. 

It would be a true waste to keep these special cars in a garage, only for them to be driven once a year. So we are hiring out the fruits of our labour to play a part in people’s weddings.  

Check out our beautifully restored vehicles and book now to not be disappointed upon your amazing day.


Our Vehicles

1957 Morris Minor 1000 Two Door Saloon

Our Minor is a very special part of that history, being a Morris Minor 1000. With its higher quality engine and interior features, you won’t just arrive in style, you know you’ll have ‘arrived’, full stop!

1990 Daimler Limousine

With only 933 Daimlers registered in the UK today, you will not only arrive in style, you’ll arrive with the gravitas that only comes with prestigious vehicles like the Daimler.

1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spur

It’s a Rolls Royce. What more can we say, Except this is a Rolls Royce Silver Spur. Once in the car, you’ll not want to get out of it, and you may be tempted to ask the driver to go around the block one more time.


Maserati wdin Car. Available from Arrive in Style Wedding Cars

This has Italy stamped all over it and we even have our own Italian stallion to chauffeur you to your wedding venue. Sit back, close your eyes and think of the Italian Riviera as the cream leather upholstery wraps around you