1957 Morris Minor 1000 Two Door Saloon

Classed as the British Beetle, the Morris Minor is the perfect car for any special event. When you arrive in this car, you know eyes will turn to watch as you step out. If a man like Dave Richards CBE (world rally champion and former chairman of Aston Martin, as well as chairman of Prodrive, Motorsport UK, and many more brands) says that a Morris Minor ‘is all you ever need’ you know you’ll be in good, and very stylish, hands. 


The Minor, which was originally code-named Mosquito, made its debut in 1948. Over the following 20 years, the engine and elements under the hood changed, but the design hardly moved. The Morris Minor was the first British car to sell over a million units. 


Our Minor is a very special part of that history, being a Morris Minor 1000. With its higher quality engine and interior features, you won’t just arrive in style, you know you’ll have ‘arrived’, full stop!


If you’d like to make an entrance and showcase your character, the Morris Minor is the obvious choice for you.

1957 Morris Minor wedding Car. Available from Arrive in Style Wedding Cars

1990 Daimler Limousine

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like royalty, here’s your chance to be transported like one. The queen owns Daimlers and they were also used by Diana, Princess of Wales, as well as governors and other high ranking officials around the world. Our Daimler will ensure that your special event begins the moment we pick you up. 


With only 933 Daimlers registered in the UK today, you will not only arrive in style, you’ll arrive with the gravitas that only comes with prestigious vehicles like the Daimler.

1987 Rolls Royc Silve Spur. Maserati. Available from Arrive in Style Wedding

1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spur

It’s a Rolls Royce. What more can we say. Except this is a Rolls Royce Silver Spur, in the beautiful colour of Windsor Blue with cream leather seating. This has ‘Class’ stamped all over it and will raise your wedding to another level. Once in the car you’ll not want to get out of it, and you may be tempted to ask the driver to go around the block one more time.

It has cream leather interior seating with cream leather and mahogany wood inlay dashboard making it quintessentially British

Maserati wedding Car. Available from Arrive in Style Wedding Cars


If the fashion houses had cars for their models then our Maserati would be walking up and down the catwalks of Milan, London, Paris, etc. Exquisite Italian styling pulled along by 400 horses of a 4.2, V8 Ferrari Engine.


This has Italy stamped all over it and we even have our own Italian stallion to chauffeur you to your wedding venue. Sit back, close your eyes and think of the Italian Riviera as the cream leather upholstery wraps around you.


The Maserati will suit the groom or bride – all we ask is that you don’t fight over it.